Bingo Wagering Requirements Explained

When it comes to bonuses the only thing getting in the way of you and your cash is wagering requirements. In a nutshell, you can’t withdraw the bonus itself, the deposit relating to the bonus and the winnings accumulated from the bonus until you complete the wagering requirements specified by the site. Wagering requirements are part and parcel of the online bingo world so it’s important you understand them.

Wagering requirements can be complicated but this guide breaks it down to help you get your head around them. It covers everything you need to know so make sure you give it a thorough read before claiming any bonuses.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Everyone loves a freebie and when you play online bingo you certainly get plenty of those. It’s a pretty competitive industry so most bingo sites tend to offer generous welcome packages to entice you to join. The freebies aren’t just for new players either! There’s usually plenty of other bonus offers to encourage you to keep playing at the site long after you join. However, things aren’t always as they seem. Online bingo sites literally throw free cash at you but there is one catch – and that’s wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement is a multiplier that specifies how many times you need to wager before you can withdraw your winnings. Basically, you can only withdraw real cash but wagering requirements provide you with a way of getting your hands on your bonus funds. A small minority of sites allow you to cash out without meeting any wagering requirements but usually, it means you need to forfeit your bonus and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

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Why Bingo Sites Have Them

Despite what you may think wagering requirements aren’t just there to annoy you. There are a few different reasons why online bingo sites have them. The main one is that they want to stop players from abusing bonuses. If players keep withdrawing cash and stacking up bonuses they would never make any money. Secondly, they have to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and wagering requirements prevent players from depositing money and taking it straight out again. They also want you to keep playing at the site to ensure the bingo rooms stay busy and lively and wagering requirements is a way to do this.

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Different Types of Bonuses

There are usually two different sets of wagering requirements – one for bingo bonuses and one for all other types of bonuses. Something that you need to be aware of is that you can only meet the wagering requirements for bingo bonuses by wagering on bingo games. Similarly, you can only meet the wagering requirements for slots bonuses by playing slot games. The good news for all you bingo lovers is that bingo bonuses are usually subject to much lower wagering requirements compared to other online bonuses so it won’t be as difficult to get your hands on your cash.

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How Big Are They?

Wagering requirements vary depending on the site. Some bingo sites have pretty reasonable wagering requirements but others make it virtually impossible for you to withdraw you winnings so make sure you check this out before signing up.

In the bingo world you rarely come across a bonus without wagering requirements but if you’re super lucky you might find one that comes with just a single playthrough.

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How Are They Calculated?

You don’t want to fall foul of wagering requirements so it’s important you know how to calculate wagering requirements. Calculating wagering requirements can be a bit daunting at first but don’t worry it won’t take you long to get the hang of it. In a nutshell, all you have to do is add your bonus to your deposit amount then multiply it by the stated multiplier. Here’s an example below:

Let’s say your favourite bingo site is offering a 100% bonus on a first deposit. If you top up your account with £50 and the wagering requirement is 2x you can work out how much you need to wager before you can make a withdrawal by adding £50 to £100 then multiplying it by two. This means you need to spend a further £300 to get your hands on your cash.

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How Can I Meet Them?

The only way to meet wagering requirements is to keep playing your favourite games until you’ve spent the required amount. The more you play the more cash you win so you never know you might end up with an even bigger prize. Wagering requirements vary from site to site. Some of them are really easy to meet especially when it’s just a single playthrough required but others can take forever and sometimes it might even feel impossible.

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How To Find Them Out

Once upon a time, you would have to scour the small print to find anything about wagering requirements but at the end of 2015 The Gambling Commission has cracked down on this. Bingo sites are now required by law to specify the wagering requirement and any other important terms and conditions when advertising a bonus offer. The wagering requirements are also specified in the terms and conditions so if you ever get caught up in the fun and forget them you can check them out here.

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Completing Wagering Requirements

As we’ve already mentioned you can only withdraw real cash but once you’ve met the wagering requirements your bonus, deposit and winnings are automatically transferred to your real cash bankroll. This means you can withdraw them and treat yourself to something nice. If you’re on a winning streak you might even decide to keep wagering for the chance to win more cash.

To make a withdrawal you just need to go to your account and select the withdraw option. You then need to specify how much you want to withdraw and select a registered payment method to send the cash to. The process time varies depending on the site but it normally takes about a week. The minimum withdrawal amount also varies but most of the time it’s £30. If you find a bingo site that has it lower than that then you’re onto a winner. The amount you can withdraw on any day, week or month is also capped so you should cash out regularly rather than let it build up.

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Where to Find the Best Deals

Playtech/Virtue Fusion

Playtech is one of the biggest software providers but the wagering requirements vary from site to site as they’re set by individual bingo operators. Bingo players get the best deal with wagering requirements ranging from just 1x up to 6x. If you fancy having a dabble on slots you don’t get quite as good a deal because the wagering requirements can reach as high as 50x. At most Playtech bingo sites wagers are taken from the cash bankroll first and your bonus is only used when you have no cash left. As well as that some rooms are cash only.


Microgaming is another big software provider and the wagering requirements are roughly the same. You only need to wager 3x or 5x before you can release your winnings from a bingo bonus and the wagering requirement for a slots bonus ranges from 30x to 50x. Bingo bonuses are only valid for 21 days and you can only use them when there’s no cash left in your account. Some sites have further restrictions so make sure you read the small print.


The standard wagering requirement for Dragonfish is 4x for bingo bonuses and 80x or 99x for slots bonuses. You used to have the option where you didn’t need to meet the wagering requirements but you would lose any remaining bonus. You still have this option but if you request a withdrawal before completing the wagering requirements you lose all your winnings from the bonus so it’s not worth it. This was first rolled out to the main Dragonfish network then all the other sites. On the upside, Dragonfish bonuses don’t expire as long as you have an active account.

You should note that Dragonfish/Cassava/888 sites have additional restrictions on slots bonuses and free spins. For example, the amount of winnings you can cash out at any one time is capped at £400 plus the bonus itself but many of these sites offer a lower wagering requirement of just 30x and 50x.

Cozy Games

Bingo sites powered by Cozy Games normally have a wagering requirement of 4x or 8x for bingo bonuses and a wagering requirement of 10x or 20x for slots bonuses which are pretty good. The rules for no deposit bonuses are slightly different because you can’t cash out your winnings. However, when you make a first deposit your winnings can be carried forward in the form of casino cash up to the value of £50.

Daub Alderney

Daub Alderney site are great for slots players because the bonuses come with wagering requirements of just 20x or 25x. The wagering requirement for bingo bonuses isn’t too shabby either at just 4x. If you are unfamiliar with the Daub name, you should know they power top brands such as Lucky Pants Bingo and Kitty Bingo.

Jumpman Gaming

Jumpman Gaming is a relatively new piece of software and powers all the sites on the 15 Network and more recently The Wheel of Slots. The wagering requirements on both these networks are pretty standard. As you can probably guess The Wheel of Slots focuses on slot games so you can expect lots of free spins but the only downfall is that they come with a 40x wagering requirement. The 15 Network offers bingo bonuses with a 4x playthrough and slots bonuses with a 40x playthrough.

Bede Gaming

Bede Gaming has a standard 4x wagering requirement on deposit bonuses and 10x on no deposit bonuses which is pretty reasonable. You should make a deposit as soon as you join otherwise your winnings are capped at just £20. There’s also betting restrictions while you have outstanding wagering requirements so make sure you complete them as soon as possible.


Probability mobile sites mainly focus on slots and their bonuses carry a 50x wagering requirement.


Bright Bingo is powered by B-Live which mean they’re jam-packed with bonuses and promotions. These all come with reasonable wagering requirements such as 4x for deposit bonuses and 10x for no deposit bonuses. The only downfall is that you can only withdraw your winnings and not the bonus itself.


At Tombola, you can withdraw your winnings without meeting any wagering requirements. Sounds great, right? There is one catch, though. You need to leave as much cash as bonus money in your account.

The wagering requirements at Mainstage Bingo are 4x for bingo bonuses and 35x for slots bonuses. Until you make a first deposit your winnings are paid out as bonus funds then after that they’re subject to the standard wagering requirements. and Maria from Relax Gaming the standard wagering requirement is 35x but don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds because bingo stakes count as double. Free spins are subject to a 15x wagering requirement which is great for slots players. Bonuses are also frequently given out as a bingo voucher that can only to be spent in the bingo rooms and these carry a wagering requirement of just 3x.

mFortune is a mobile bingo site that offers bonuses with only a 1x wagering requirement attached.

After reading this bingo guide you should have a better understanding of wagering requirements and you should have a fair idea of where you can find the best bonus offers. You should now be ready to take the bingo world by storm so what are you waiting for?